What Do You Do When You Notice Your Tooth Broke?

Has your tooth recently chipped, cracked, or is broken? You may be readily finding a solution to restore your tooth and eliminate the possible pain involved. There are several different things that can cause a tooth to be broken including biting down too hard on something or even cavities that weaken teeth. Our team at Pineview Family Dental provide several different restoration services for broken teeth. Continue reading to see just exactly what you should do if you notice you broke your tooth.

What you should immediately do

Our team encourages patients to call and set up an appointment right away if they notice a broken tooth. While you are waiting for your appointment, it is important to immediately rinse out your mouth with warm water. If you notice your mouth is bleeding at all, then apply pressure with a piece of gauze for 10 minutes to the affected area. Ice or over-the-counter painkillers can help calm down the swelling and any discomfort involved. A simple broken tooth can also signify damage that has been done to the nerve. This is one reason why our team encourages going to the dentist immediately.

Dental Fillings in Prescott

If more extensive damage has been done to your tooth or its nerve, then your dentist will go over different procedures that can help. One option and restoring a cracked tooth is with the help of dental fillings. Dental fillings help to fill a portion of the tooth while adding for their strength and creating a strong foundation.

Dental Crowns in Prescott

Dental crowns are another common option and restoring a broken tooth. They are similar to a cap that goes over an individual tooth in order to support and strengthen the area. Dental crowns also help to eliminate any bacteria or debris from entering the tooth.

Being prepared for any dental emergency will help to eliminate the stress and concern that follows. contact our dental team at Pineview Family Dental for more information or to set up your next appointment.

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