Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Pineview Family Dental offer an array of complimentary services including edation Dentistry (ultimate-relaxing through meds) and Analgesia Nitrous Oxide (which is also known as laughing gas). We are proud to be offering the finest in an elevated patient experience around the country.

How does sedation denstistry work?

For those of you who have not yet experienced the amazing results of a IV Sedation Dentistry visit, get ready to start smiling now with Pineview Family Dental. Sedation Dentistry offers a patient with high levels of anxiety the opportunity to finally relax and enjoy the process of dental treatment.

Blood pressure and medical history is attained prior to your treatment and a medication is prescribed to take the evening before treatment and the day of treatment. You will be given instructions so as to be sure you are safe and sailing with relaxation at your treatment appointment.

Within an hour of taken the medication, patients will feel relaxed and ready for treatment.

You must assign a driver to and from your appointment and have someone stay with you at home for a minimum of 16 hours after your appointment to ensure the medication has cleared your system.

What Do Patients Say About Sedation Dentistry?

For those of us here who practice advanced dentistry every day we get the luxury of hearing patients comment on their Sedation Dentistry experience and the feedback is fantastic. It’s the kind of feedback that brings a smile to our face as much as it does to yours.

Comments we have attained are “Wow, that was so easy” to “I finally can say going to the dentist is fun and not fearful anymore.”

Patients who have not gone to the dentist in years finally feel confident and wonderful about coming in for appointments. And our busy executive patients who want to get a lot of treatment done in one or as few visits as possible find their relaxation and their schedules are maximized by getting all their treatment quickly so they focus on their work with minimal interruption.

When do you recommend a patient having Sedation Dentistry?

IV Sedation Dentistry is a wonderful option for many patients for different reasons. Here are the top reasons why we would recommend Sedation Dentistry to a patient:

a)     If you have extreme anxiety towards any dental treatment.

b)     If your procedure is an involved surgery.

c)      If you have a lot of treatment to be done and want to accomplish much or all of it in one appointment due to work.

What kind of patient is not a good candidate for Sedation?

We have found that 85% of our patients are excellent candidates for Sedation Dentistry. However, there are medical alerts we look at to be certain we can administer a safe and effective protocol to your fearless visit. Once we evaluate your medical history, any medications taken and you overall needs, we will be certain to explain to you whether Sedation Dentistry is great option for you or if an alternative option may be more suitable.

What are the alternative options besides Sedation Dentistry?

The moderate yet widely used approach for years as another option to achieving relaxed dentistry is using nitrous oxide also referred to by most patients as laughing gas.

“Laughing gas” is a mild sedative. By inhaling a combination of Analgesia nitrous oxide and oxygen you can achieve a pleasant, tingling sensation. Patients often listen to relaxing music with this method to help keep their mind and body relaxed further. The inhaling technique for administrating Analgesia nitrous oxide makes it an ideal dental sedation option for people who fear dentistry.

How do I schedule an appointment for Sedation Dentistry?

At Pineview Family Dental, we’ve got you covered from start to finish with ultimate relaxation. Your very first step is to schedule an initial visit at the Pineview Family Dental office at (928)445-9233 where the doctors can identify your exact needs and then they will help prepare you for the day, time and type of treatment to begin your care.