Surgical Letter

To our Valued Patients:

Your body has a natural healing process in place that shouldn’t be sped up. After ANY TYPE OF SURGERY, you will need to rest for a specified period of time. Depending on the surgery you had, the timeframe for rest can range anywhere from four weeks to a year (for surgeries that lead to temporary mobility loss). For dental work after surgery, you should wait at least six to eight weeks, but your surgeon will know best and provide you with a final determination of the length of time they feel is best to wait after surgery prior to any dental treatment.

If you rush into dental work immediately following surgery you may see serious complications.

The body isn’t equipped to handle two procedures in a row. Even if you are simply going in for a professional dental cleaning, your chances of bleeding or infection are higher because your body is busy trying to repair itself after having surgery.

Many dental procedures require preventative antibiotics if you’ve recently undergone surgery. Your dentist or surgeon can prescribe antibiotics to be taken prior or after your dental work to stave off infection. After surgery you are more susceptible to infection as your body tries to heal. Your natural defenses are lowered as your body recovers and blood-borne infections are common if you do not protect yourself with antibiotics. Many dental procedures involve removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, which are high in bacteria. Although the bacteria is removed carefully, antibiotics will ensure that the bacteria removed will not affect you. Your dentist will prescribe preventative antibiotics for the following dental procedures:

1.     Extractions (tooth removal)

2.     Dental implants

3.     Gum disease procedures

4.     Root canal

5.     Placement of orthodontic bands

6.     If a local anesthetic is used and injected directly into the gums or near the jaw

7.     Regular cleaning if you have implants OR are prone to bleeding

Dental work following surgery should be safe. At Pine View Family Dental, we take the overall health of our patients very seriously.

We have a form that can be easily sent over to your surgeon to fill out and sign off on, with the appropriate action to take after you’ve had surgery and prior to your dental appointment. Please contact our office at least two days prior to your appointment with your surgeon’s information, and we will take care of getting the proper information for you and signed off by your surgeon.