A New Veneer with Minimal or No Tooth Alteration

The dental veneers are nothing but thin layers of porcelain bonded on the chipped, stained, or crooked teeth. They are an effective as well as affordable way of transforming the smile, says dentist in Prescott. Their color and shape blends so well with the rest of your teeth that it is difficult to differentiate between them and natural teeth.

According to dentist near Prescott AZ, the traditional veneers have a drawback. Though they are very thin, they can look bulky on teeth that are unprepared. For making them look natural, some of the enamel layer from the surface has to be removed. The enamel does not grow back so the changes that you are making are going to be permanent and the teeth will need a restoration after preparation.

The dentist in 86305 states that you can avoid the situation with the help of no preparation or minimal preparation veneers which are the two new types of veneers in the dentistry. These veneers are thin like a contact lens and need no preparation at all. In case of the minimal preparation veneer, only a tiny bit of enamel is removed and tooth is reshaped.

The ultra thin veneers are ideal for the teeth that still have the enamel intact. The procedure takes only 2 appointments. The procedure is not only less invasive but also reversible. You can get the veneers removed and achieve your original look back without help of nay follow-up restorations. However, because of the strong bonding procedure, it may not always be easy to remove them.

Also, you must know that the enamel is not the only preparation to be done. If you have oversized teeth, you may need extensive tooth preparation. And, people with poor bites or misaligned bites may first need to straighten their teeth.

All in all, the new veneers are a good way of avoiding the permanent tooth alterations which was the case with traditional veneers. You can gain more insight on the same by scheduling an appointment with the dentist near you and getting your queries addressed.