Charcoal- Better for Grilling Than for Your Teeth

You may have heard of charcoal being used for grilling. You may have also heard about the use of charcoal for beauty treatments. But have you heard of charcoal treatment for whitening your teeth? Sounds crazy? How can something so black in color can be used for whitening your teeth? Well, that's the irony!

According to Dentist in Prescott, a lot is being said about the use of charcoal toothpaste. While so many people vouch for the benefits and endorse these toothpastes, there is no substantial result during the clinical trial. It is just like the DIY product where there is no way of finding out how safe and effective they are for tooth and gum tissues.

The activated charcoal has been used for many purposes which include absorbing stains and mild abrasion. Though the abrasion may help initially, later on it can be detrimental to the health of your teeth, says Dentist near Prescott AZ. The enamel on the teeth can wear off due to abrasion which can never be regenerated. The toothpaste gets to the dentin and leaves it grey or white in color.

In fact, the Dentistnear 86305 says that charcoal can lead to discoloration in teeth, the very thing that you are trying to treat by using charcoal. There are no clinical reports which support the effectiveness of charcoal in treating discolored or stained teeth. There is need of more studies which can vouch for the benefits of using charcoal for getting white teeth.

The dentists recommend using fluoride toothpaste with ADA approval which can help in preventing the discoloration and stains that happen due to excessive fluoride exposure.

Instead of using charcoal toothpaste or any other DIY treatment that you find online, it is better to go for professional treatments for teeth whitening and brightening. There are several cosmetic dentistry treatments that not only repair the shape of the teeth but also improve the appearance. It is important you discuss with the dentist near you as they will be able to suggest the right cosmetic dentistry procedure for your issue.