Don't Fear Your Dental Visits

Find out how sedation dentistry could make your next trip to the dentist so much easier.

Even just hearing the word "dentist" sends shivers down your spine. You don't know the last time you visited the dentist because you knew that the moment you walked through the doors you would want to bolt. Of course, your smile requires proper attention and care to make sure that it remains healthy. Coming to visit our Prescott, AZ, dentist, Dr. Lance Bailey, doesn't have to be scary. Sedation dentistry could help!

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry offers patients with varying degrees of dental anxieties and fears to get the routine care and treatments they need without experiencing that feeling of dread whenever they come into the office. Sometimes getting sedation dentistry is the only way some people will get the dental procedure they need to treat problems and improve their oral health.

What are the different kinds of sedation?

The two most popular forms of sedation dentistry are laughing gas and medication. Laughing gas (also known as nitrous oxide) provides instant calming effects when the mask is applied over the nose and the nitrous oxide and oxygen are administered. It won't put you to sleep but it can help alleviate discomfort and help you feel relaxed. Plus, the effects wear off almost immediately and you won't feel groggy.

Of course, there are some patients who have more serious anxiety surrounding the dentist that even laughing gas won't be able to touch. In this case, our Prescott sedation dentist may prescribe a medication (often an anti-anxiety medication) to quell the fear. Once the medication has fully kicked in we will start the procedure. Medication can be a great way to alleviate dental anxiety, as we can prescribe the dose that will work for your level of anxiety. The effects of this medication will last much longer than the effects of laughing gas.

Are you a great candidate for sedation?

If you are someone who hasn't seen the dentist in a while because you have dental anxieties then sedation dentistry could certainly improve how you feel about going to the dentist. Besides being anxious, sedation dentistry can also help make your next procedure easier if you have trouble sitting still, if you have special needs, if you require multiple dental procedures in one sitting or if you any musculoskeletal conditions that making sitting in one position uncomfortable.

Are you ready to find out if sedation dentistry could help make your next dental visit a breeze? Then you should call Pineview Family Dental in Prescott, AZ, today. Let us change the way you see the dentist.