Have More Than Eight Dental Fillings?

More than eight dental fillings can increase the mercury levels in your blood. The reason that requires dental filling is the decaying of the tooth which is the most prevalent chronic disease. There are many patients that have been going to the dentist and getting dental fillings but the materials used is never discussed. The dentist in Prescott will inform the patients about the necessary things that the patients should know.

The dental restore surface that is used is made up of dental amalgam, a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and other metals which contribute significantly to prolonged mercury levels in the body. The dentist in Prescott AZ will take care of the application as well. There are studies being conducted to provide more accurate levels of exposure to further assess the risk properly.

The known contributor to the mercury levels in the body controls for age, gender, education, ethnicity, race, smoking, and seafood consumption according to the study by Xiaozhong ‚"John" Yu. He is the assistant professor of environmental health science and co-author of the study.

The most toxic form of mercury is the methyl mercury which is a special type of mercury. The dentist in 86305 will make you aware of the types of mercury and the effects on the body if increased significantly. Methyl mercury used may cause damage even at a low level.

The dentist in Prescott will also inform that the dental amalgam that has been the go-to dental filling material for more than 150 years also contains mercury in half of the compound. Pine View Family Dental, the dentist near you, can inform that this heavy metal is toxic at high levels, causing brain, heart, kidney, lung and immune system damage.

One dental filling or maybe three is okay but more than eight could result in higher risk and adverse effects. The dentist in Prescott AZ would make a point to not have eight dental fillings and find another way to stop the decay. With more than eight fillings would lead to 150 percent of more mercury and higher risks so go to Pine View Family Dental and get informed before the selections.