How to Protect Your Dental Crowns from Damage

Our team at Pineview Family Dental often provides dental crowns for patient's smiles. They help to restore teeth that have been affected by a large cavity, or that may need further protection. Dental crowns work as a cap over an individual tooth and are bonded in place for a secure hold. If you have invested in a dental crown for your smile, then you may be wondering how you can get the most out of your new restoration and make it last. There are several helpful tips to consider after receiving a dental crown. Continue reading on to learn how you can protect your dental crown from damage.

Take Care of Your Teeth

The best way to take care of your dental crowns is by taking good care of your oral hygiene and ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day. We also recommend using an antibacterial mouthwash to help avoid infection and the start of tooth decay.

Avoid Hard Foods

Hard foods can cause damage to dental crowns as well as chewy foods. This includes items such as ice or hard candies. Softer foods will provide less pressure on a tooth and dental crown and help to ensure your restoration lasts.

Don't Use Your Teeth as Tools

Many individuals cause further damage to teeth when they use them as tools to open packages or bite their nails. A good alternative is to keep a small pair of scissors with you to avoid causing damage to your crowns. While dental crowns are made to be strong, they should not be used to handle other tasks that put additional pressure on them.

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns for your smile or how to prevent them from damage, then contact our office for more information. Our staff is eager to answer any questions you may have and to help you achieve a healthy smile that will last. Call us today!