How to Treat White Spots on Your Teeth

Pearl like white teeth can do so much more than just making you look good. It helps you boost your confidence and makes sure that you do not get embarrased in front of a bunch of people. At Pineview Family Dental, we have the best dentists in Prescott helping you with all the care that you need for your teeth. You do not want any kind of white spots on your teeth. Which is why we make sure it does not remain your problem anymore. Before that let us understand what causes white spots.

What Causes White Spots?

White spots are the result of decalcification of tooth enamel. Generally this happens due to lack of oral hygiene. When you do not clean your teeth properly, it leaves acid from food debris behind and bacteria sit your tooth enamel. Once it stays there for too long, it starts leeching out calcium from your enamel. This causes white spots. Another cause of decalcification is dry mouth. The lack of saliva will prevent the acids from washing away. Also, the people who have braces can have a hard time cleaning their teeth. This makes them prone to white spot. Do not worry, if you have already became a victim of white spots, dentist in 86305 have found easy and pain-free ways to tackle it.

Treating White Spots

Till recent times, there were a few major options to treat white spots. First is fluoride treatment and other is teeth whitening. Both of these treatments are not completely effective as they work on covering the spots on the tooth. Third option that you have is treating the white spot with dental fillings, veneers or dental crowns. It is very effective but it will remove a good amount of healthy tooth structure.

At Pineview Family dental, we recommend you to go for a treatment where a tooth-colored resin material is put on the surface of your white spots. This material will infiltrate the pores and will be activated by a blue light. Trust the dentist near you and take this quick treatment to prolong the life of your teeth.