Sinus Problems After A Root Canal? Here's What You Should Know!

While root canals are a fairly common procedure to help save teeth after they've become decayed or damaged from injury, some patients may experience sinus issues afterwards.
If you're scheduled to have a root canal in Prescott, Arizona here are a few things to be on the lookout for.

  • Sinus communication is a medical term that refers to a small hole in the sinus lining. And even though it's the most common side effect, it's nothing to cause concern. Your symptoms may include the sensation of air rushing over the socket or fluid flowing from your mouth to your nose while drinking. But because the hole is very small in nature, it will heal on its own in a few days. If you continue to have problems you should contact an experienced family dentist like Pineview Family Dental.
  • Accidental puncturing of the sinus lining is different from sinus communication and usually only occurs if your dentist has been careless. While sinus communication refers to very small holes in the sinus, a sinus puncture is much larger and usually requires sutures to heal. Accidental puncturing of the sinus lining can cause headaches and facial tenderness as well as pressure and sinus pain that does not go away after your root canal.
  • Another condition to be on the lookout for is root canal failure which can be the source of infection if the pus is not removed from the tip of the tooth root during your procedure. The infection could burst through the sinus lining and then drain into the sinus which will cause a runny nose and a metallic-type taste or smell. An endodontist in Prescott can help should this situation occur.

If you want to avoid issues after a root canal, the advice is to work with a highly-qualified root canal dentist in Prescott like Pineview Family Dental.

Whether you need a root canal or you‚'re having sinus problems from a procedure performed elsewhere, we're here to help. We use minimally invasive techniques and the latest technology to avoid sinus problems after a root canal. Make your appointment today!