The Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns provide necessary protection for "problem teeth," Most patients who have crowns installed must wait weeks, sometimes months between appointments. But what if you could get your crowns installed in just one day? That's possible with a modern treatment that's available at Pineview Family Dental in Prescott, AZ, called CEREC same day crowns.

Benefits of Crowns
Crowns can give you a renewed sense of confidence in your smile. When a tooth is weak and painful from tooth decay, a root canal capped with a crown will make it strong again. It also has cosmetic benefits‚ sometimes there's just one problem tooth that doesn't fit in with the rest of your smile because it's misshapen or discolored. A crown can fix both of those problems and strengthen the tooth in the process. Best of all, a crown will continue to do its job for up to 15 years or even longer (depending on how you care for your teeth).

Same Day (CEREC) Crowns
With a standard crown, the treatment takes two or three appointments. You must wait for a crown to be made by a dental technician between visits after an impression is made. With same day crowns (better known as CEREC), you can skip that time-intensive step. The tooth preparation, impressions and crown creation happens during the same visit. CEREC uses imaging software and machinery to move the process along quickly.

Less Wait, Better Results
The only wait you'll have when getting same day crowns by your Prescott dentist is in the chair relaxing while the CEREC machine creates your custom restoration. It's understandable that not every patient can take two or three days off from work or school to get a crown, which is why same day crowns are in-demand. Dentists also like CEREC because it provides a more accurate crown that doesn't require much adjustment.

Make Your Same Day Crown Appointment Today
Imagine the convenience of walking into a dentist office and coming out 60-90 minutes later with your smile completely restored. That's what you can look forward to when you go to see Dr. Lance Bailey at Pineview Family Dental in Prescott, AZ, for same day crowns. Call (928) 445-9233 today to schedule an appointment.