Why Is a Broken Crown Considered a Dental Emergency?

The crown of our teeth is very strong in nature. It stays for a long period of time but not everyone is lucky in avoiding accidents which are increasing in number day by day. Your crown can be knocked off because of any kind of accident or wear and tear that takes place. This calls for emergency as many dentists in Prescott AZ said.

What happens if crown is not taken care of immediately?

Sometimes people do not pay much attention to their teeth which leads to creating lots of problems in the future, they don’t even expect to occur. Dentist in Prescott say that it should be taken care of immediately because of the following reasons

  • Once your crown falls, other teeth lose their support which causes more problems
  • If your crown is missing for a long period of time, your teeth start moving on their own, which leads to change in the shape of, as well as your crown stops fitting them at all
  • Due to change in shape of your teeth, it leads to affecting your smile, which might not be as attractive as it used to be earlier

What steps should you take if the crown falls?

People often don’t have knowledge about what they should do when their crown falls. If someone takes care of it properly and if they reach on time, then there are high chances that he/she can save the original crown. If you don’t have any idea, then call the Pineview Family Dental where you can find the best dentist in Prescott and ask for advice. Otherwise, you can also take care of the following aspects in case the problem occurs-

  • First of all, make sure not to lose the crown and hold it from the white-colored part
  • You should clean the crown properly with the help of water or saliva
  • If you can put that back in the same place as before, good. If not, keep your crown in a container with milk
  • Reach the dentist within first 60- 90 minutes from the accident

During an emergency, it is very important that one should know and take the right steps. If your crown is knocked out because of any kind of accident, it is your responsibility to call the Pineview Family Dental or dentist near you and get the proper treatment for your teeth otherwise it can change the shape of your mouth.